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Attracting wildlife to your garden assessment and report

Most of us are aware how our native wildlife is being squeezed as our towns and cities increase in size.

Our gardens offer valuable refuge, however gardens have become increasing sterile with hedges and lawns being removed in favour of fences and lacking in pollinating plants.

Your garden doesn’t need to be an overgrown sprawling mess or have a complete overhaul, just a few additions will be promptly be taken advantage of.

This one hour visit includes –

  • overview of your existing garden summarising the positives and negatives of features and plants
  • attractive planting suggestions that are beneficial to wildlife, as well as being suitable to the conditions in your garden and match your desired maintenance levels
  • garden maintenance plan timed to reduce some of the negative impacts of some modern gardening techniques while still keeping your garden attractive
  • methods to attract¬†more wildlife to your garden
  • methods to encourage beneficial insects
  • advice on wildlife ponds
  • a written follow up report with additional hints tips and ideas

£95 plus VAT

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